The Shutdown is Officially Canceled!


This spring, Asteri is excited to announce upcoming changes to the Prima Games website. Asteri acquired Prima Games in March of 2019 and has been planning on rolling out various updates that focus on enhancing content and improving user experience across the site.

The first major part of these updates are internal developments on the backend of the site. These include a much-needed upgrade to the present code. It might not be immediately visible to users but the changes will make everything work seamlessly in a way that allows Prima to continue to push out amazing content that fans have come to expect from the brand, especially with each new Prima game guide.

For the last 25 years, Prima Games has been making the most reputable guides in the industry and that’s not going to change anytime soon. We want to make Prima the number one stop for all game info. As the site moves forward, fans can expect more features than ever as the team grows to include more industry vets and talented gamers. Prima and Asteri plan on expanding beyond guides to bring you industry news, updates and reveals, trends and pop culture beats, and so much more.

With the recent launch of Mortal Kombat 11, Prima is excited to begin showing the new content across the board. They’ve got all the latest tips, tricks, and news about the fighting game and are pushing out new Mortal Kombat articles on the regular.

Fans can also expect the official Prima game guide coming soon. If you?re looking for those perfect Mortal Kombat Fatalities, look no further than Prima.