GOBSMAX GALAXY is a high-energy, jaw-dropping game full of dynamic ball-shaped characters that are all MOUTH and ATTITUDE!! Join Max Commander and his team of Gobsmax as they defend their Galaxy from the evil invader Dark Gobs in this exciting new game. Developed by Asteri Entertainment where we make games using our consumer behavior data analytics methodology.

The more worlds you play, the more Gobsmax you rescue! Launch your GobSquad into the invaded worlds and smash the Dark Gobs, their constructs, and RoboGob Legions. Each Gobsmax is unique. Players can collect them all and customize their “Star Powers” used to defeat the enemy. The Gobsmax are grouped in Teams and their designs match the world they come from.

With strategy and tactics learned from your leader Max Commander, you use each Gobsmax to destroy traps and unlock new imprisoned Gobsmax teammates as you save them from the Dark Gobs.

Developed from a popular toy line that won awards in Europe, and is a favorite toy on Ryan’s World YouTube channel, the Gobsmax toys will fully roll out in the US market with Launchers, Cannons, Monster Trucks Crash Course sets, and a special edition Ryan’s World Collection.

Download Gobsmax Galaxy today!