Symposium to Focus on Employment of Cyber Technologies

Including AI, AR, Human Assistance, Machine Learning, and More

Austin, Texas – March 26, 2019

Asteri Founder Steve Gray has been invited to keynote National Defense Industrial Association’s Cyber Augmented Operations Technical Symposium. The Symposium will take place today, March 26 and tomorrow, March 27 in the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Gray has applied his training in mathematics and engineering to nearly every form of entertainment, ranging from special effects work with Robert Abel & Associates, Rhythm & Hues, and Digital Domain to creating video and online games for Square, Electronic Arts, and Tencent in China. Gray also founded and built his own video game development studio in Los Angeles which he would later sell, Heavy Iron Studios. Gray’s game credits include several in the “Lord of the Rings” series, Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve and many others. Prior to founding Asteri, Gray served as Executive in Charge of Production for eight years at Tencent’s Interactive Entertainment Group in China. In addition to his work in the game industry, Steve spent several years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative.

Asteri was founded in late 2017 by Steve Gray, following his recent, remarkable success applying large-scale, telemetry-based consumer testing principles to building game portfolios in China. Gray believes that these data analytics focused techniques can be used to optimize process and programs in the Defense Industry. Applications can be developed to improve both mundane day-to-day operational necessities as well as creating tools that affect positive change in US international aid programs. For more information about Asteri, please visit

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